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Family Fun in Jacksonville, Florida

Looking for a fun activity for just an hour or all day long? Family Fun in Jacksonville, Florida can be found in so many parts of the city. Whether you are looking for nature exploration, sports participation or events, entertainment, or educational fun, all of these activities can be found in the various attractions around the city.

Visit Parks for Family Fun in Jacksonville, Florida

Why not take advantage of Florida’s amazing weather by visiting one of the many beautiful parks in Jacksonville? Big Talbot Island State Park ranks high on the list of favorite area places, offering sand dunes, white sand beaches, wildlife, fishing, and bird watching. Similarly equipped, Little Talbot Island State Park offers simple views and seemingly fewer crowds, while Hugenot Memorial Park allows for vehicle parking very near the beach.

Jacksonville’s Metropolitan Park schedules events and festivals throughout the seasons, as well as water taxi options and the Riverwalk nearby. Recently reclaimed by city residents is the Jacksonville Arboretum and Gardens full of trails for hiking and exploration. Those with canine pals might enjoy a visit to Dog Wood Park with fenced areas and a pond where pooches can cool off with a swim.

family fun in Jacksonville Florida

Museums in Jacksonville

Museums might sound a little boring at first, but there are a variety in the city to please everyone’s tastes. The Museum of Science and History also houses the highly acclaimed planetarium as well as many interactive exhibits, while the Museum of Southern History brings Civil War fans to the height of their glory days. Combine historical art appreciation and education with botanical beauty at The Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens, or see the Museum of Contemporary Art for more recent works of art.

The Jacksonville Fire Museum is a quick but educational glimpse at fire fighting throughout the years, featuring a fully restored 1902 horse-drawn fire carriage as well as a working fire engine from 1926. Stopping by the Mandarin Museum on the St. John’s River in a ten-acre park provides a peek into homestead life including a restored farmhouse, sawmill, barn, and log cabin with its tours and scheduled events. Younger kids will love the interactive fun of pretend and play at the Hands On Children’s Museum, which is similar to an indoor playground.

Sports Activities Located in Jacksonville

Jacksonville’s Ice and Sportsplex offers North Florida’s only NHL sized ice rink which is open year round. Whether athletic or just entertainment, public ice skating is an activity which is fun for the family. Sports enthusiasts who simply want to view from the stands can head over to EverBank Field to take in a Jaguars football game. Those who favor the greens can take a swing at Bent Creek Golf Course with carefully cared-for greens and a well-stocked Pro Shop.

For water lovers and beyond, Adventure Park’s water slides, miniature golf, go-carts, laser tag, and arcade creates hours of fun for any family. Mandarin Mill Family Golf and Batting Cages also offers a fun putt-putting adventure with the opportunity for taking some time at bat. Big Air is an activity center with eight bounce houses as well as basketball toss, football toss, climbing stations, video games, and more.  If you just need a place to blow off some steam, head over to Old Jacksonville Run for scenic trails.

Jacksonville’s Entertainment Scene

Known for its African American heritage, the Ritz Theatre and LaVilla Museum houses a 400-seat theatre for shows as well as exhibits of artifacts from the city’s historical black figures. Lattitude 30 offers 50,000 square feet of live entertainment as well as food, and activities such as bowling, pool, arcade games, and dancing. Heading over to the restored Sun Ray Theater offers a glimpse into historical cinema with its charming one-screen setup featuring indie films, classics, and blockbusters–all enjoyed while drinking locally crafted beers, wines, and other beverages. For the more sophisticated at heart, the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra creates a serene environment for absorbing the first class, consistently excellent musical talent of this fine orchestra.

No matter what your tastes or preferences, you are sure to find some family fun in Jacksonville, Florida during any season of the year.


Image: “Jacksonville Riverwalk Sunset” from Flickr by Krazy Diamnd

4 Ways to Reduce Stress with Less Money in Jacksonville

Life can be expensive and living on a tight budget can sometimes feel a little bit stressful if you don’t feel like you have the freedom of some wiggle room. Here are some ways to reduce your stress that can also keep your finances in check.

These are some of our favorite ways to reduce stress on a dime:

how to reduce stress jacksonville

Learn a New Skill Online

YouTube has the mother-load of resources when it comes to how-to videos. Self-improvement is a great way to reduce stress, learn a new hobby, and engage in something that gets your mind off of your stressful job or family. Forget taking lessons or signing up for an expensive class at the local community center. Instead, search YouTube for thousands of different how-to video options and better yourself for free!

Get Outdoors

You know that being crammed indoors, missing the sunshine and fresh air, could very well be killing you! One of the best ways to beat stress is to get outside, away from your computer, and go for a walk or hike. And Jacksonville has some amazing places to do this. For instance, try a 1.6 mile hike at Boone Park, a jaunt through Confederate Park, or a picnic and a walk on Jarboe Park which offers Neptune Beach nearby. Or, for a more cultural experience, consider the free Jacksonville Art Walk on the first Wednesday of the month in downtown Jacksonville.

Get a Massage Chair

Sure, it might sound weird since a massage chair has a high investment amount in the beginning. But if you spend any time at all recovering from back pain, going to the chiropractor, or receiving massages, then purchasing your on massage chair for your home just makes sense.

Considering the fact that the average American who goes to a massage therapist or chiropractor once a week will spend more than $3000 per year, and the average massage therapy chair can be purchased for under $1,000—or even less—then it’s obvious that a massage therapy chair will pay for itself in less than one year’s time.  For pain management, better posture, reduced stress, better sleep, and more health benefits, a massage chair may just be one of the best investments you ever made!

Just Breathe

Sure, it might sound ridiculous because breathing is something you do all the time. But do you often think about your breathing. The natural state of our breathing is somewhat shallow and our bodies don’t always take full advantage of our lung capacity. No matter where you are, breathing is free! Take a very deep breath in through your nose, concentrate on filling your lungs fully, hold for a couple of seconds, and then breathe slowly out through your mouth. Doing this just a few times throughout the day is a cost free, effective way to reduce stress.

Reducing stress may take a concentrated effort, but you can do it on budget with these and other creative tips!

Getting Pregnant Naturally and Inexpensively

Fortunately, I myself have never had to deal with infertility issues. Getting pregnant was never a problem for me. But the issue hit home for me when my sister, whom I am very close with, was having trouble getting pregnant. She and her husband had been trying for well over a year to get pregnant and I couldn’t help but share in her frustration and pain when it just wasn’t happening for her.

She wanted to have kids, just like I do, so badly. She wanted to feel that life growing inside of her. She had shared in my joy and excitement during each of my pregnancies and now that she had become married – she wanted to start a family of her own.

pregnant belly

Getting Pregnant Naturally

My sister wasn’t aware when they first started trying, that the only time a woman can get pregnant is while she is ovulating. As it turns out, she and her husband had no plan whatsoever. They just got into bed and did the deed whenever the mood felt right. She had no idea when or if she was even ovulating.

After several months of trying, she confided in me and asked for my advice. She said she was even looking stuff up on the internet to try and figure out different strategies and techniques to get pregnant. After learning about her struggles, I asked her a few questions and it became apparent that she was clueless about her ovulation cycles. I explained to her that it is pretty much mandatory that she knows exactly when she is ovulating if she wanted to get pregnant. I even showed her this article that I found about knowing when you ovulate. And this article led us to an amazing revelation! Continue reading

5 Tips to Save Money on Groceries

Do you ever find yourself wondering where all your money goes? If so, the answer is probably food. Most of the money we don’t spend on rent or a mortgage ends up going to the grocery store, but at the same time, if you’re hoping to scale back and save some money, the grocery store is the best place to do so; you just have to know how to do it. Here are five tips to help you save money next time you go grocery shopping.

The first thing you need to do is shop on the right day. Most people are in the habit of shopping on a Friday or Saturday, but those are usually the worst days of the week to shop. Going to the grocery store early in the week, say on a Monday or a Tuesday, is going to be your best bet. For starters, the store will be less busy on those days, so you won’t feel rushed, giving you more time to compare prices of different brands and find the best deal. More importantly, the prices at grocery stores tend to be cheaper on these days, making it easy to save money if you break your habit and shop early in the week instead of the end of the week.

The next best thing you can do when grocery shopping is planning ahead. This means taking an inventory of what you have at home, planning out a menu for the days ahead, and coming up with a detailed grocery list before you head to the market. It’s imperative that you know what you have, what you’ll need, and how you’ll use it before stepping foot in the store. By being meticulous about what you have and what you plan on buying, you’ll avoid buying things you don’t need, which should save you a meaningful amount of money.

Once you’re in the store, you need to know where to shop. This means looking at the bottom shelves in each aisle. Stores will purposely stock more expensive items at eye level because that makes them easier for customers to see. Smart shoppers will shop from the bottom up, as they know that’s where they’ll be able to find cheaper prices. It’s also wise to avoid large displays, as those items will be highlighted because the store knows it will make the most money from them, and so avoiding those items will help you save money.

Next, use coupons wisely. Coupons are not hard to find and they can be quite useful when it comes to saving money. However, you have to use them the right way. Just because you have a coupon, doesn’t mean you have to use it; only use coupons to buy items that you actually need, and don’t get sucked into buying excess items just because you have a coupon, as this will void the savings you get from the coupons.

One of the ways my family saves on food is to have a husband (and son) who enjoy hunting. While they are not always successful, the meat they bring home when they are is cheaper and of higher quality than what we can get at the store. They spend a lot of time outside, but they have all the right gear and always enjoy it.

Finally, the best thing you can do when grocery shopping is to eat before you go. A hungry shopper is a busy shopper, and busy shoppers don’t save a lot of money. There are so many items at a grocery store that will tempt you, especially since most of them are designed to tempt you, and if you’re shopping on an empty stomach you’ll be more likely to get drawn in. Eating before you shop will help you avoid excess items that you don’t really need, and that you only want because you’re feeling hungry. This will help you buy only what you need, which will save you plenty of money in the long run.

Financial 101: Setting Up a Budget

Budgeting is more than just dealing with money — it’s also about setting priorities in your life. A lot of people assume that having a budget would mean being frequently obsessed with every dollar you spend. But that’ll only tell you where your money went. It won’t tell you where your cash is headed in the future and why.


A budget is basically a spending plan you’ve made to meet your needs.  You can choose anytime as to when you want to cut back. Budgeting is a powerful tool since it acts as a guide to your financial decisions and it ensures you reserve enough for what matters most to you. One of the first steps is tracking where your finances are. You can do this by hand if you like, but there are a ton of financial tracking apps that you can choose from – both web based and mobile/tablet based. Personally, I like mint and personal capital the most , though personal capital is a bit more geared towards investments than min.

Here are essential tips to show you how it can be done. All that’s needed is a bit of a time, a pen and paper, a spreadsheet or an internet-based tool to sort out the numbers.

Setting out your priorities

Your money should be headed to where it matters most. Set main goals that you find essential. It doesn’t matter which order they can be, whether it’s putting your kids to school, getting your home renovated, or shedding off that weight — all of them will be factored into the budget system. So jot them all down.

Gathering your documents

Begin collecting your latest bank statements, pay stubs, mortgage payments, utility bills, rental fees, insurance, and other important documents that indicate your personal spending or earnings.

Make your monthly earnings calculation

Jot down how much you want to earn every month — after taxes, since that’s an aspect you can’t control. If you happen to have an irregular income, look into your previous tax return and divide that by 12, or make an estimate on the minimum amount you’ll be earning over the upcoming year and divide that by 12. Never forget to add in income from dividends, tips, rent, or other sources. Jot down the total amount.

Add in deductions

Is your current employer deducting health insurance fees or retirement benefits from your monthly paycheck? Add them to your monthly income as you’ll be the one accounting for them in a budget.

Making the “Big Three” buckets

Decide on how much income you want to allocate for the “Big Three:” your needs, wants, and savings. If you don’t have a retirement savings or even an emergency fund, push your allocation to savings up to 20% (at the very least). Allocate around 50% to 60% of your monthly income to essential housing needs such as food, education, housing, and transportation. The rest will go to the things you want. Calculate how much you want to spend for each bucket.

Dividing them

Make a detailed list of your spending. Keep in mind your priorities, make an estimate as to how much should be spent to each of your needs and wants. Enforce one important rule: Never spend more than your monthly earnings.

Make comparisons and adjustments

This is basically your own reality check. Look into the spending plan you’ve made. Then compare it to your collected documents. If you feel you’ve left a major expense, include that to your budget.

Setting your system

It’s one thing to make a budget and another to stick to it. Make things simpler by making the process as automated as possible. Opt for online billing payments so you won’t have to deal with balancing a checkbook or seeking for stamps. If you feel you’re more into the old-fashion approach by keeping your expenses in envelopes, then set it all up.

Checking back in

Your primary goal is to make sure your spending is roughly on the same path as that of your spending plan. Once every month, spend several minutes looking into your financial goals and flows. Then make adjustments if needed.

Once every year, re-visit your priorities and budget so you can ensure it still meets your goals and what you want to get out of life.

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Reptiles Make an Affordable Pet

20c6c051aaef9aed_foam-roller-lower-back.xxxlargeCan I have a reptile for a pet? This may not sound so common for many, but yes, reptiles are now considered as one of the best and affordable pets. Although some may say, a reptile for a pet? That’s gross. Still many are finding it cool and unique.

With the fast pace lifestyle that the world has today and people are starting to live in smaller spaces, having a reptile at home may come handy. Not only that, reptiles are one of the cheapest options and maybe the easiest pet to take care of. No mess, no grooming and no bigger spaces needed for containment.

Why Get a Reptile

You are probably undecided about getting a reptile for a pet because you don’t really know why you should get one and would you enjoy having it? It is then very important that you get more reptile information before you even make the final decision; you need to know exactly where and what to get for yourself.

If you are looking for something that is far from ordinary and willing to take care of something  unique, then you are absolutely ready for a reptile. However, unlike any other pets that you have at home, caring for reptiles might be a bit different. Remember, that getting a reptile for a pet can be a long term commitment (they live for a really long time if taken care of correctly).

Reptiles such as lizard and bearded dragon are inexpensive. Yet, there is still other equipment that you need buy to make sure of your pet’s safety. You don’t have to think too much about taming with reptiles because many of them are big lazy animals. So there ís no need to exert much energy on your part.

Things to Consider

20c6c051aaef9aed_foam-roller-lower-back.xxxlargeWhen you are already decided to buy a reptile for yourself or for your kids, there are just some important things that you need to consider to help you take care of it. One is to have an idea or at least ask about how large the reptile will grow as an adult. That way, you know the size of the enclosure that you have to buy.

For you and your pet’s safety, make sure that you buy it from a reliable breeder. You have to know that reptiles such as lizard are very prone to diseases and other parasites. If it’s your first time to get a reptile, then there are species that suit beginners, easy to tame and care.

Most of all, you also need to make yourself knowledgeable about the proper way of caring. You can always find a lot of tips on pet magazines and on the internet on how to make sure that your pet is in good condition. If you are committed and ever willing to have a reptile as a pet, you’ll definitely do everything to take care of it.

Pets like reptiles need these very common things, food, shelter and care. If you think you are able to give that out, then go and set one for yourself today and enjoy the fun of having a one of a kind pet at home!

Ditch the Expensive Gym Membership and Start Paddle Boarding!

20c6c051aaef9aed_foam-roller-lower-back.xxxlargeAre you dying to get the best bod that you wanted, but your budget just doesnt give way? The good news is that, you dont need those expensive fitness and gym memberships just to get fit and achieve the body that you ever wanted. There is always a cheaper option for everything.

Rather than hurting your pocket for some expensive gym membership, why not go for some fun and less expensive alternatives such as paddle boarding. Paddle boarding is now starting to create its name in helping people to get their desired body, weight and improve all around fitness.

Getting Started

You probably heard about paddle boarding and wonder why many choose to do it versus going to a gym. Well, in two simple reasons, it is fun and cheap. You don’t have to pay expensive membership, get healthy and fit while having fun. That’s what makes this sport activity the favorite of many.

Before you can make the sea or any body of water your playground, you can get started by having the best paddle board. You can check out from your local shops for suggestion of which one suits for you as a beginner. Then get more ideas about where, when and how you can start from your local paddle boarding group or instructors. Or you can also search online for fast and easy information.

You have to learn the basics of paddle boarding to begin with. You might see it as easy as getting on top of the board and paddling your through the water. But that’s not all. You still have to learn the proper positioning of feet, how to balance your body on tops and even how to paddle the right way and get the results that you want.

The Benefits

The very obvious benefit of paddle boarding is that, it’s cheaper. Then you don’t have to hurt your wallet just to do it. The health benefits that paddle boarding offer is even bigger than what you think. You might find it as a simple paddling activity, but with proper execution, it improves your core, improve your balance and posture.

Talking about working out, stand-up paddle boarders get overall-workout activity where they have to use more strength to paddle and to balance in which can also be intensified by wind and water current. It also hits your core strength. Your arms, your shoulders and your legs should work together. It also helps to work out your abdominal muscles.

On top of this, doing it is a complete fun. If you love water and the beach, then this is something for you. It is like working out and having fun in one package. Rather than stressing and straining yourself in a gym, you can paddle with other paddlers and make your road to getting fit more fun and exciting.

Then maybe now is the time for you to ditch those expensive gym memberships and try something different. Why go for an expensive option of you have a ways to get savings while getting the same results that you want for your health and body? Start paddling now!

Forget a Massage Therapist – Buy a Foam Roller

While a regular trip to the gym is definitely important, deep tissue massage is something that you can’t overlook. If you want to be frugal, foam rollers will definitely do the job without spending much on a massage therapist. A piece of roller is affordable and it can go a long way of keeping your muscles in good condition.


Have you seen those health buffs rolling on a piece of foam at the gym? Well, you might say you can’t do it, but you know what, you’ve got it all wrong! Trigger point grid foam roller is easy to use and you don’t have to be a gym rat to want to use it. Although it can hurt a little bit when you’re just starting out, your muscles will get used to the pain and the benefits are just awesome.

The Benefits of Foam Rollers

Have you tried stretching regularly but still experience muscle knots? When you do, itís time to be foam rolling. This simple cylindrical tool has a lot of benefits and you should not make a pass on it. The build-up of fascia can’t be avoided no matter how hard you stretch and this can lead to various problems. Here are reasons for foam rolling:

  • Prevent common injuries – prevention of the most common injuries is one of the main reasons for regular foam rolling. Most runners for instance are well aware of IT band when they neglect to massage the band tissue. IT band is caused by muscle tightness and foam rolling just do the right job of lightening it up. If youíre a runner, the roller is your friend.
  • Prevents stress – massage has been known to relieve of stress and when you’ve had a hard day and can’t find the time to go to a massage parlor, you can do it yourself with the foam roller. With and all-over-the-body routine, you can release the days tension which results from a long day at the office. It is particularly effective in dealing with the so called desk posture blues which results from a prolonged sitting position.
  • Maintains flexibility – for a fitness routine to go smoothly, you need to remain flexible. This means that you need to constantly stretch your muscles and rolling on the cylindrical foam is perfect for the job. There are a lot of tissues that can’t get stretch with regular stretching routines. The roller will hit these deep tissues and stretch and massage them at the same time.

Be aware that the first time you use a foam roller it can hurt a bit. Don’t worry though, as you use it regularly, the pain will begin to subside as the muscles begin to get used to the routine. After you’re done with the rolling session make sure to drink a lot of water to stay hydrated while you recover.

Frugal Activities for Teens

When springs beings and the cold weather slowly dissipates, it’s a good moment for teens to think about outdoor activities that keeps them healthy, energized, and happy. It’s not about taking trips to Hawaii that will cost you thousands of dollars. There are a plethora of frugal activities that are as ideal as that of today’s pricey vacation trips — sometimes even better.


Here are several ideal frugal outdoor activities that teens can opt for:

  1. Picnic

Settling for a picnic is one of the easiest things to do. Pack in a few backs, go to your vehicle or take public transport and head for the natural green near you — a park, a hill, or at the woods. Cost is very limited when you go for a picnic. All you need is food and transportation. And you can rule out food costs from the equation since you’ll be eating anyway — even if you’re not going for a picnic. A weekly or monthly picnic is more than enough to keep yourself and your friends refreshed for more time ahead.

  1. Hiking

If you’re the active type and want to go for something physical, head to your nearest mountain and spend a bit of time hiking. You don’t have to force yourself to climb peaks. Just take a stroll on broken ground for a couple hours and you’ll be refreshed like you’ve never felt before.

You don’t buy or rent any special equipment. All you need is a comfortable pair of shoes, a mobile phone, and a raincoat. Avoid going to areas that are prohibited for tourists. Never overestimate your skills and walk on the same speed as that of the slowest group. Hiking with other teens should be relaxing and fun — don’t force it into a competition. Ensure you have enough food and water for the whole trek.

Not having a mountain near you isn’t an excuse. You can do your hiking on smooth ground as well. It may not be as rigorous as that of hiking on a mountain but it’s a lot better than sitting in front of the TV. And it’s a very cheap activity as well.

  1. Backyard activities

If you happen to have a backyard, it’s not really that difficult to set up a volleyball net, a basketball hoop, or a net for playing soccer. Playing sports in your backyard is good for your health and helps you spend a good time with other teens. It’s also considered a frugal activity: once you’re through setting up a net and bought yourself a ball, you don’t have much need for anything else.

  1. Paintball

Paintball guns and masks won’t come cheap when it comes to purchasing the required equipment and playing in a yard. But there are bunch of places where you and your friends can play paintball at an hourly basis, which are affordable.

Today’s teens tend favor paintball so it’s a good approach to make such consideration. It would be a lot more fun if you involve your neighbors to create bigger teams. My son absolutely loves the game, and spends hours playing.

  1. Jogging

If you want to go for a very cheap activity, then give jogging a try. You can do this in a park near you. All you need is a comfortable pair of shoes and light clothing. Jogging is ideal for groups of around 2 to 3 individuals, but even if you’re part of a large group it’s still ok to run together.

Similar to hiking, some people have turned jogging into competition. Never do this since it’s all about having fun and keeping your friends together.

  1. Biking

Biking is a lot more fun than jogging and is said to equally good for your health. Heading out with your bike can also turn into an expedition since you can check out areas that are several kilometers away from your current location.

Biking will entail a big investment from the start, but once you have a bike, it can be utilized for many years to come with some ongoing costs along the way (way lesser compared to a vehicle).

These are just some frugal activities ideal for today’s teens. Not only are they cheap but they’re also good for the health while helping you bond with your friends. The next time you plan something together with your friends, considering these activities can help you go a long way while saving money in the priceless.

Image: 1/paintballing

How to Plan on a Wedding on a Budget

Recently my younger sister got engaged, and of course has come to me to help her plan her wedding. Not having a big budget to work off of, she knows that my frugal skills will be able to stretch it far. This has been an interesting challenge for me, and I thought I would share with you a few tips.

Of course nothing is simple. The groom hails from Canada, and the wedding is going to take place there. This may have made things a little more expensive for us, but the money saving ideas I picked up will work if you are planning on getting married in the next country or in your own backyard.

The Guest List

The first thing I realized was that if you want to save money on a wedding, you are going to have to trim the fat. This means the relatives you haven’t talked to in years, business associates you hate, and that BFF from first grade whom you only now exchange the occasional comment with on Facebook.

Guests should only be people who are an important part of your everyday life. Immediate family and your closest of friends only. This will save you a ton of money at the reception.

The Dresses

Being frugal means that everyone saves, even the bridesmaids. Pick a color and then let them choose a gown, with you having final veto power. So long as everyone is wearing the same color your bridal party will still look put together and the bridesmaids won’t be forced to spend hundreds on a dress they will never wear again.


You should do your dress shopping off season if possible. I have learned that the prices for wedding gowns has become ridiculous. Forget designer and just look for the dress that makes you look and feel like a princess, but not one that will make you into a pauper.


This is where I gave myself a huge pat on the back. An iPod is the perfect solution to reception music if you don’t want to spend thousands on a DJ or band. Just create a playlist of all of your favorites in the order you want, and assign DJ duty to a younger guest. There are announcements here and there he will have to make, but mostly it is running itself.

The One Thing You Shouldn’t Skimp On

The photography. This is the biggest day of your life, and if you let Uncle Herb take the shots, you will regret it. We were lucky and found Calgary wedding photographers who were very reasonable. They also handled the videography and engagement pictures which was a big plus. Using this professional team of wedding photographers in Calgary was worth every single cent.

This turned out to be an amazing wedding that our family is still talking about. Without a huge guest list, it felt intimate and more like a family get together where two new families got to actually get to know one another. The dresses were lovely, the music a big hit, and of course we have hundreds of shots to prove it. This just may be a new business venture for me.

The Perfect Christmas Present for Your Son or Daughter

Airguns an affordable xmas presentHolidays are here and it’s time to make your list for Christmas. A father cannot deny the fact that a gift for a son or a daughter is another perfect way to express his love. Nothing could be as significant as you spend you valuable time in choosing the best gift hoping it will be a big surprise. I know it is a daunting task since you don’t want to give something that is too common for a father to give – you want it to be very special, right?

One thing more, with your long Christmas list, you are surely on a budget. It is quite a challenge to find an inexpensive special gift for your son or your daughter. You know what to give? Buy him or her airgun as a present for Christmas. I know it is not in the same category as other gifts, but there are reasons why it is the perfect gift for your son or daughter. Read on the list to know why.

Promotes an Ideal Hobby

Shooting airguns are ideal hobby for adult and young adults. So buying one for your son and daughter will promote a good hobby they can engage to. Indoor and outdoor airgun firing offers a fun and entertaining activity that can be enjoyed safely by just about the entire family.


Airguns are an excellent affordable pellet rifle with a simple design and cheap pellets. Prices start off as low as $20 and go up to several thousand. It is a matter of choosing one that suits your budget.

Modern survival weapon

I know it is ridiculous to consider situations such as Armageddon, a wide spread of endemic diseases, war or extreme riots where in the only way to survive is by hunting food. If worst comes to worst owning an airgun can come in handy for hunting small or even big game for food.

Self defense

Airguns are designed to look like the real thing. It can post as a threat to bad guys when they try to harm you and your love ones.

Marksmanship and correct gun handling

Giving your son or your daughter an airgun is a perfect way to teach them marksmanship and proper gun handling so they have know-how to shoot their air rifle accurately and safely. This is salient for ethical hunting and proper firearm use in the future.


An ordinary airgun is capable of firing 6mm plastic bb at speeds of up to 300 feet per second; though it is not dangerous to exposed body parts, it can definitely damage unprotected eyes. Among all the guns you can give your son or daughter airgun is the safest one. However, you also have to make sure that you provide them information about proper use of airgun and safety guidelines.

Legal in most states

An airgun is not classified as a firearm and it is legal to own and shoot in most states. It is because it uses only compressed air to fire a pellet and not a powder or a primer.

There you have it – the reasons why an airgun is a perfect present this Holiday Season. But more than any gift you can give your son and daughter, the best gift you can give is your time… So, spend some shooting time with them. Have a Merry Christmas!