Family Fun in Jacksonville, Florida

Looking for a fun activity for just an hour or all day long? Family Fun in Jacksonville, Florida can be found in so many parts of the city. Whether you are looking for nature exploration, sports participation or events, entertainment, or educational fun, all of these activities can be found in the various attractions around the city.

Visit Parks for Family Fun in Jacksonville, Florida

Why not take advantage of Florida’s amazing weather by visiting one of the many beautiful parks in Jacksonville? Big Talbot Island State Park ranks high on the list of favorite area places, offering sand dunes, white sand beaches, wildlife, fishing, and bird watching. Similarly equipped, Little Talbot Island State Park offers simple views and seemingly fewer crowds, while Hugenot Memorial Park allows for vehicle parking very near the beach.

Jacksonville’s Metropolitan Park schedules events and festivals throughout the seasons, as well as water taxi options and the Riverwalk nearby. Recently reclaimed by city residents is the Jacksonville Arboretum and Gardens full of trails for hiking and exploration. Those with canine pals might enjoy a visit to Dog Wood Park with fenced areas and a pond where pooches can cool off with a swim.

family fun in Jacksonville Florida

Museums in Jacksonville

Museums might sound a little boring at first, but there are a variety in the city to please everyone’s tastes. The Museum of Science and History also houses the highly acclaimed planetarium as well as many interactive exhibits, while the Museum of Southern History brings Civil War fans to the height of their glory days. Combine historical art appreciation and education with botanical beauty at The Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens, or see the Museum of Contemporary Art for more recent works of art.

The Jacksonville Fire Museum is a quick but educational glimpse at fire fighting throughout the years, featuring a fully restored 1902 horse-drawn fire carriage as well as a working fire engine from 1926. Stopping by the Mandarin Museum on the St. John’s River in a ten-acre park provides a peek into homestead life including a restored farmhouse, sawmill, barn, and log cabin with its tours and scheduled events. Younger kids will love the interactive fun of pretend and play at the Hands On Children’s Museum, which is similar to an indoor playground.

Sports Activities Located in Jacksonville

Jacksonville’s Ice and Sportsplex offers North Florida’s only NHL sized ice rink which is open year round. Whether athletic or just entertainment, public ice skating is an activity which is fun for the family. Sports enthusiasts who simply want to view from the stands can head over to EverBank Field to take in a Jaguars football game. Those who favor the greens can take a swing at Bent Creek Golf Course with carefully cared-for greens and a well-stocked Pro Shop.

For water lovers and beyond, Adventure Park’s water slides, miniature golf, go-carts, laser tag, and arcade creates hours of fun for any family. Mandarin Mill Family Golf and Batting Cages also offers a fun putt-putting adventure with the opportunity for taking some time at bat. Big Air is an activity center with eight bounce houses as well as basketball toss, football toss, climbing stations, video games, and more.  If you just need a place to blow off some steam, head over to Old Jacksonville Run for scenic trails.

Jacksonville’s Entertainment Scene

Known for its African American heritage, the Ritz Theatre and LaVilla Museum houses a 400-seat theatre for shows as well as exhibits of artifacts from the city’s historical black figures. Lattitude 30 offers 50,000 square feet of live entertainment as well as food, and activities such as bowling, pool, arcade games, and dancing. Heading over to the restored Sun Ray Theater offers a glimpse into historical cinema with its charming one-screen setup featuring indie films, classics, and blockbusters–all enjoyed while drinking locally crafted beers, wines, and other beverages. For the more sophisticated at heart, the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra creates a serene environment for absorbing the first class, consistently excellent musical talent of this fine orchestra.

No matter what your tastes or preferences, you are sure to find some family fun in Jacksonville, Florida during any season of the year.


Image: “Jacksonville Riverwalk Sunset” from Flickr by Krazy Diamnd

Fun Places in Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville contains a variety of kid-and-family friendly places for children of all ages to enjoy together. Whether exploring the city for the first time or returning, there are always fun places in Jacksonville, Florida to explore.

Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary

Rated by the community as one of the best attractions in Jacksonville, Catty Shack Ranch provides a home for big cats which are endangered, such as Siberian tigers, cougars, black leopards, lions, bobcats, and “honorary cats”–arctic foxes and coatimunds. This not for profit center seeks to educate the public on the life of these cats in the wild and in captivity. Public tours are given on certain days of the week, lasting about 45 minutes. Guided tours with night feedings are also scheduled for visitors to the sanctuary to observe and enjoy.

Standard tickets for Catty Shack Ranch are $10 for adults, $5 for children ages 3-11. Ages two and under are free. Night feeding costs are higher.

Tree Hill Nature Center

Tree Hill Nature Center in the center of the city contains over fifty acres of trails with native animals, butterfly house, hummingbirds, gardens, three eco-systems, and the Florida Natural History Museum. This center is dedicated to promoting a healthy nature environment by offering educational opportunities and inexpensive open space access to the community.

The nature center is open to the public Monday through Saturday from 8:00am to 4:30pm. Admission is $4 for adults, $3 for senior citizens, and $2 for kids ages 2-17. Children under two years old are admitted for free. An amphitheatre is available to reserve for special occasions or family events.

Museum of Science and History/Bryan Gooding Planetarium

On the south bank of Jacksonville sits the Museum of Science and History (MOSH) with interactive exhibits, animal exhibits, and science programs such as The Body Within, a journey through the human body.

With its sixty foot dome, Bryan Gooding houses the largest single-lens planetarium in the entire world. Daily shows are available, as well as laser light shows set to music, called Cosmic Concert. History tours include local and regional artifacts and information dating back to early settlers. The naturalist center allows up close and personal visits with local natural wildlife such as snakes, owls, turtles, and alligators. A permanent exhibit dedicated to energy and conservation is by JEA PowerPlay.

Open to the public every day with various hours. $10 for adults and $8 for children under 12, seniors, and active military. Children under 3 years old are free. Special discount on Fridays. Planetarium programs are an additional fee. Special events include overnight camp-ins and movies in the planetarium.

Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens

Beginning with the small private art collection of Ninah Cummer in the early 1960s, the museum’s collection now encompasses over six thousand pieces of art work dating back several thousand years. Special exhibits are featured from throughout the world on the riverfront campus. The historic gardens offer 1.5 acres of garden design from the early 20th century, complete with reflecting pools, arbors, fountains, and sculptures. This garden contains one of Jacksonville’s oldest trees, the almost 200-year-old Cummer Oak. The museum boasts a nationally recognized educational program for children and adults with interactive participation in art, music, history, literature, poetry, and dance.

Open Tuesday through Sundays, various hours. Tuesday evenings are free. Other times are $10 for adults, $6 for seniors and students. Children five and under are free.

Fun Places at the Jacksonville, Florida Beach

Fun in Florida does not seem complete without a trip to the beach! Sandy beaches stretch for more than four miles, providing a safe and fun opportunity for beach activities with lifeguards on duty for residents and visitors. The fishing pier, which is nearly 1/4 mile long, is an attraction for those desiring a close look at the ocean as well as seasoned fishermen looking for deep fishing in the Atlantic. Also fun for visitors and residents is the Jacksonville Beach Golf Course which has been recently re-designed with Emerald Dwarf Bermuda greens and its signature 16th hole. Golf school educational opportunities are available for men, women, and juniors ages 12 and under.

fun places in Jacksonville FL

More in the way of museums, parks, theatres, nature preserves, and trails can be found in city of Jacksonville. No matter what your interests, this is just the beginning of the fun places in Jacksonville, Florida–for residents and visitors alike!


Image: “Jacksonville Beach” from Flickr by Paul Hamilton

Fun Activities in Jacksonville Florida

Boats are a common sight in Jacksonville and play a crucial role in the livelihood of the city. Jacksonville is reputed for being the largest city in the USA. However, its economy and most of its activities are related to water. The St. Johns River cuts the city into two; the Atlantic which lies on the eastern part of the city acts as a home to the Jacksonville Beaches residents. Boats are important in Jacksonville as they are used as the main means of transport for tourists and the US military. Although the city is famous for its military base and suburban city, both visitors and residents of all ages can find a lot of fun. There are numerous activities in Jacksonville Florida to stir you up. Continue reading

Guidelines on Smart Ways to Save Money

Most employees will acknowledge the fact that they always wish they had additional money to spend, no matter how much money they earn. More often than not, they find that whatever they earn can only cater for rent, food and utilities with no extra money left for saving. Setting aside some money therefore, always seems to be a remote possibility. However, there are smart ways to save money irrespective of the nature of your job and how much you earn. Continue reading

How to Be Frugal and Save Money for Other Uses

To be frugal is one way of making it through the economically difficult times. Actually, living frugally is an ideology representing a particular attitude towards money. You don’t have to be poor to be frugal; being frugal simply means that you are more careful in your daily dealings to allow you to generate a reasonable amount of money so that you have adequate resources for anything you want to do. There are various tips on how to be frugal and save money.

How to be frugal and save money- budget for your savings!

First and foremost, draw up a budget and adhere to it. If you have never bothered to determine how much money you spend every month and on which items, then begin keeping each receipt for 1 to 3 months to come. Arrange the receipts into different groups: groceries, gas, bills, clothing, entertainment, etc. Evaluate where you can possibly reduce costs. Put on paper your spending allowance for every month in order to bind yourself onto the budget. It might be necessary to have a separate envelope of cash for different items such as groceries, entertainment, gifts, etc. The trick here is to prevent you from spending additional money on that item once the money from that particular envelope runs out. This would mean that you will be unable to spend any more cash during the month except you take it from another envelope. It might take you months to craft a comfortable but stringent budget which you will get accustomed to. Although it requires commitment and dedication, it indeed offers you with a solution on how to save money.

Use coupons

When it comes to saving money, it is hard to overlook the role played by coupons. Coupons should be used whenever possible even though at times dealing with all of them can be frustrating. This comes about when you decide on whether to use them or not and by the time you think you can use them, it occurs to you that they are expired. However, joining some coupon sites that offer free printable coupons as well as coupon databases which track deals in various stores can guide you as to the time and place to use them for maximum savings and if well used, they definitely show you how to be frugal and save money

Buy used items to boost your savings

You can check at the thrift store in your locality or visit local consignment stores for thrifty shopping. You can bring items to the consignment shops – like all your old and unused junk, in order to make some money from it.

How to be Frugal and Save Money

Just in case you need a particular item like children’s play kitchen and book shelf, contact the children’s consignment shop in your area and inform them. Some of them are too glad to let you know if they have that particular item and will even file your request so that it is easier for them to call you once the item comes in. This will definitely save you time and gas by keeping you from visiting the store to check on it.

Conserve energy

Being energy-efficient is helpful in being frugal and saving cash; besides, it is environment-friendly. As such, there are various ways on how to be frugal and save money; do not leave the lights on when you move out of a room, ensure that you turn the heater down at night, wear warm pajamas and use an additional blanket to stay warm. Plan to do all your laundry in one day so that the dryer retains the heat and uses little energy to heat up for every load. It is important that you do only full loads of laundry.


Image: “Good Deeds Thrift Store” from Flickr by Sonia Su

Why Shopping In Jacksonville Florida Is a Wonderful Experience

Going around and doing some shopping can be a wonderful experience. In this case, shopping in Jacksonville Florida provides you with the most interesting shopping excursions. If you are out there looking for a place that offers the best bargains, I would not hesitate to recommend one of the numerous outlet shopping centers found in Northeast Florida. For instance, the vintage and antiques in the Five Points and the modern beautiful and fashionable boutiques of Avondale and San Marco are some of the places you won’t want to miss when you are on your shopping expedition at the St. John’s Center and Avenues Mall.

The Jacksonville Landing

There are a number of things that will draw your attention towards doing your shopping in Jacksonville. The Jacksonville Landing situated along the beautiful St. John’s River in the city center, for instance, offers a wide range of entertainment and waterfront dining places right inside the mall. In this case, if you happen to be there, it is likely that you will enjoy every bit of your shopping at any time of the day as long as it suits your preference. For over two decades, the Jackson landing has been the center of attraction for many people visiting the region for different reasons including shopping. Besides, most residents enjoy the fun derived from this place.

Shopping in Jacksonville Florida

Shopping in Jacksonville Florida at St. Johns town Center

If you are looking for a serious shopping satiation, take along with you something that will not only offer you satisfaction but also give you great memories. Besides the St. John’s Town Center, Landing gives you the best opportunity for shopping as well. St. John’s Town Center houses over 175 retail shops and restaurants: Sephora, Apple, Tiffany &Co., The Capital Grille, PF Changs, Banana Republic and Louis Vuitton among many more. With all these hot shopping options, you will definitely enjoy your shopping. Whether you are looking for local retailers or a variety of brands, you shouldn’t bother going to other places; Jacksonville is your must-go shopping destination.

Other places you can do shopping in Jacksonville Florida include the A.J. Reese Clothiers which is best known for its exclusive gear as well as custom clothing for men with style, value and quality in mind. As such, the services you get from this place, not to mention selection and the fashion expertise exhibited here, is perhaps, what will make you come back whenever you feel like making additions to your wardrobe.

In addition, the Naval Ship Museum dedicated to the decommissioned Navy Destroyer the ex-USS Charles F. Adams DDG-2, is yet another popular attraction in downtown’s riverfront. For those looking for ship models and other shipboard apparels on display, this is the right place for you. All military ball caps and other items representing all departments in the service are readily available at this place at affordable prices.

Shopping in Jacksonville Florida is generally one of the most enjoyable experiences in the business industry. Most people who have done their shopping here will attest to the fact that Jacksonville is a fantastic place to visit.


Image: “Jacksonville Landing” from Flickr by Bill Cobb

Various Simple Ways to Save Money

Saving money is a necessity and so failing to make any savings today means you are putting yourself in a precarious position of a possible financial mess in future. The foundation of successful money management is the ability to make good savings; but it is unfortunate that when it comes to that, it is often much easier said than done. Although it is possible to save money, many people offer excuses as to why they are unable to do it. There are many simple ways to save money if you are serious about it. You should not let any excuse dictate your actions because this will deter you from making any move to save even a small part of your income. All you need to do is to take a look at the big picture and you will realize that you can always find a way of saving some little money. Continue reading