Forget a Massage Therapist – Buy a Foam Roller

While a regular trip to the gym is definitely important, deep tissue massage is something that you can’t overlook. If you want to be frugal, foam rollers will definitely do the job without spending much on a massage therapist. A piece of roller is affordable and it can go a long way of keeping your muscles in good condition.


Have you seen those health buffs rolling on a piece of foam at the gym? Well, you might say you can’t do it, but you know what, you’ve got it all wrong! Trigger point grid foam roller is easy to use and you don’t have to be a gym rat to want to use it. Although it can hurt a little bit when you’re just starting out, your muscles will get used to the pain and the benefits are just awesome.

The Benefits of Foam Rollers

Have you tried stretching regularly but still experience muscle knots? When you do, itís time to be foam rolling. This simple cylindrical tool has a lot of benefits and you should not make a pass on it. The build-up of fascia can’t be avoided no matter how hard you stretch and this can lead to various problems. Here are reasons for foam rolling:

  • Prevent common injuries – prevention of the most common injuries is one of the main reasons for regular foam rolling. Most runners for instance are well aware of IT band when they neglect to massage the band tissue. IT band is caused by muscle tightness and foam rolling just do the right job of lightening it up. If youíre a runner, the roller is your friend.
  • Prevents stress – massage has been known to relieve of stress and when you’ve had a hard day and can’t find the time to go to a massage parlor, you can do it yourself with the foam roller. With and all-over-the-body routine, you can release the days tension which results from a long day at the office. It is particularly effective in dealing with the so called desk posture blues which results from a prolonged sitting position.
  • Maintains flexibility – for a fitness routine to go smoothly, you need to remain flexible. This means that you need to constantly stretch your muscles and rolling on the cylindrical foam is perfect for the job. There are a lot of tissues that can’t get stretch with regular stretching routines. The roller will hit these deep tissues and stretch and massage them at the same time.

Be aware that the first time you use a foam roller it can hurt a bit. Don’t worry though, as you use it regularly, the pain will begin to subside as the muscles begin to get used to the routine. After you’re done with the rolling session make sure to drink a lot of water to stay hydrated while you recover.