Frugal Activities for Teens

When springs beings and the cold weather slowly dissipates, it’s a good moment for teens to think about outdoor activities that keeps them healthy, energized, and happy. It’s not about taking trips to Hawaii that will cost you thousands of dollars. There are a plethora of frugal activities that are as ideal as that of today’s pricey vacation trips — sometimes even better.


Here are several ideal frugal outdoor activities that teens can opt for:

  1. Picnic

Settling for a picnic is one of the easiest things to do. Pack in a few backs, go to your vehicle or take public transport and head for the natural green near you — a park, a hill, or at the woods. Cost is very limited when you go for a picnic. All you need is food and transportation. And you can rule out food costs from the equation since you’ll be eating anyway — even if you’re not going for a picnic. A weekly or monthly picnic is more than enough to keep yourself and your friends refreshed for more time ahead.

  1. Hiking

If you’re the active type and want to go for something physical, head to your nearest mountain and spend a bit of time hiking. You don’t have to force yourself to climb peaks. Just take a stroll on broken ground for a couple hours and you’ll be refreshed like you’ve never felt before.

You don’t buy or rent any special equipment. All you need is a comfortable pair of shoes, a mobile phone, and a raincoat. Avoid going to areas that are prohibited for tourists. Never overestimate your skills and walk on the same speed as that of the slowest group. Hiking with other teens should be relaxing and fun — don’t force it into a competition. Ensure you have enough food and water for the whole trek.

Not having a mountain near you isn’t an excuse. You can do your hiking on smooth ground as well. It may not be as rigorous as that of hiking on a mountain but it’s a lot better than sitting in front of the TV. And it’s a very cheap activity as well.

  1. Backyard activities

If you happen to have a backyard, it’s not really that difficult to set up a volleyball net, a basketball hoop, or a net for playing soccer. Playing sports in your backyard is good for your health and helps you spend a good time with other teens. It’s also considered a frugal activity: once you’re through setting up a net and bought yourself a ball, you don’t have much need for anything else.

  1. Paintball

Paintball guns and masks won’t come cheap when it comes to purchasing the required equipment and playing in a yard. But there are bunch of places where you and your friends can play paintball at an hourly basis, which are affordable.

Today’s teens tend favor paintball so it’s a good approach to make such consideration. It would be a lot more fun if you involve your neighbors to create bigger teams. My son absolutely loves the game, and spends hours playing.

  1. Jogging

If you want to go for a very cheap activity, then give jogging a try. You can do this in a park near you. All you need is a comfortable pair of shoes and light clothing. Jogging is ideal for groups of around 2 to 3 individuals, but even if you’re part of a large group it’s still ok to run together.

Similar to hiking, some people have turned jogging into competition. Never do this since it’s all about having fun and keeping your friends together.

  1. Biking

Biking is a lot more fun than jogging and is said to equally good for your health. Heading out with your bike can also turn into an expedition since you can check out areas that are several kilometers away from your current location.

Biking will entail a big investment from the start, but once you have a bike, it can be utilized for many years to come with some ongoing costs along the way (way lesser compared to a vehicle).

These are just some frugal activities ideal for today’s teens. Not only are they cheap but they’re also good for the health while helping you bond with your friends. The next time you plan something together with your friends, considering these activities can help you go a long way while saving money in the priceless.

Image: 1/paintballing