How to Be Frugal and Save Money for Other Uses

To be frugal is one way of making it through the economically difficult times. Actually, living frugally is an ideology representing a particular attitude towards money. You don’t have to be poor to be frugal; being frugal simply means that you are more careful in your daily dealings to allow you to generate a reasonable amount of money so that you have adequate resources for anything you want to do. There are various tips on how to be frugal and save money.

How to be frugal and save money- budget for your savings!

First and foremost, draw up a budget and adhere to it. If you have never bothered to determine how much money you spend every month and on which items, then begin keeping each receipt for 1 to 3 months to come. Arrange the receipts into different groups: groceries, gas, bills, clothing, entertainment, etc. Evaluate where you can possibly reduce costs. Put on paper your spending allowance for every month in order to bind yourself onto the budget. It might be necessary to have a separate envelope of cash for different items such as groceries, entertainment, gifts, etc. The trick here is to prevent you from spending additional money on that item once the money from that particular envelope runs out. This would mean that you will be unable to spend any more cash during the month except you take it from another envelope. It might take you months to craft a comfortable but stringent budget which you will get accustomed to. Although it requires commitment and dedication, it indeed offers you with a solution on how to save money.

Use coupons

When it comes to saving money, it is hard to overlook the role played by coupons. Coupons should be used whenever possible even though at times dealing with all of them can be frustrating. This comes about when you decide on whether to use them or not and by the time you think you can use them, it occurs to you that they are expired. However, joining some coupon sites that offer free printable coupons as well as coupon databases which track deals in various stores can guide you as to the time and place to use them for maximum savings and if well used, they definitely show you how to be frugal and save money

Buy used items to boost your savings

You can check at the thrift store in your locality or visit local consignment stores for thrifty shopping. You can bring items to the consignment shops – like all your old and unused junk, in order to make some money from it.

How to be Frugal and Save Money

Just in case you need a particular item like children’s play kitchen and book shelf, contact the children’s consignment shop in your area and inform them. Some of them are too glad to let you know if they have that particular item and will even file your request so that it is easier for them to call you once the item comes in. This will definitely save you time and gas by keeping you from visiting the store to check on it.

Conserve energy

Being energy-efficient is helpful in being frugal and saving cash; besides, it is environment-friendly. As such, there are various ways on how to be frugal and save money; do not leave the lights on when you move out of a room, ensure that you turn the heater down at night, wear warm pajamas and use an additional blanket to stay warm. Plan to do all your laundry in one day so that the dryer retains the heat and uses little energy to heat up for every load. It is important that you do only full loads of laundry.


Image: “Good Deeds Thrift Store” from Flickr by Sonia Su