Getting Pregnant Naturally and Inexpensively

Fortunately, I myself have never had to deal with infertility issues. Getting pregnant was never a problem for me. But the issue hit home for me when my sister, whom I am very close with, was having trouble getting pregnant. She and her husband had been trying for well over a year to get pregnant and I couldn’t help but share in her frustration and pain when it just wasn’t happening for her.

She wanted to have kids, just like I do, so badly. She wanted to feel that life growing inside of her. She had shared in my joy and excitement during each of my pregnancies and now that she had become married – she wanted to start a family of her own.

pregnant belly

Getting Pregnant Naturally

My sister wasn’t aware when they first started trying, that the only time a woman can get pregnant is while she is ovulating. As it turns out, she and her husband had no plan whatsoever. They just got into bed and did the deed whenever the mood felt right. She had no idea when or if she was even ovulating.

After several months of trying, she confided in me and asked for my advice. She said she was even looking stuff up on the internet to try and figure out different strategies and techniques to get pregnant. After learning about her struggles, I asked her a few questions and it became apparent that she was clueless about her ovulation cycles. I explained to her that it is pretty much mandatory that she knows exactly when she is ovulating if she wanted to get pregnant. I even showed her this article that I found about knowing when you ovulate. And this article led us to an amazing revelation!

Using an Ovulation Predictor Kit

While looking for information to show my sister about ovulation, I learned a great deal about ovulation predictor kits. I’ve heard of them before, but never really looked into them because I never needed them. But after reading quite a bit about them – I thought this might be the perfect solution for my sisters trying to get pregnant woes.

She had already been trying the free and natural methods, where you measure your bodies basal temperature at different intervals and whatnot. But that method takes persistence and consistency. My sister was never much for sticking with anything for more than a day or two.

Infertility doctors and clinics are insanely expensive. And if you choose to go through with infertility treatments, well, let’s just say that those costs rival the cost of a 4-year college education.

The perfect medium and the best possible solution seemed to be these ovulation predictor kits. They range in price from around $30 for the really cheap ones and up to only around $200 for the really good ones. At just over $200, that is really a bargain compared to visiting an infertility doctor or clinic.

Pregnancy Success!

I am happy to report that eventually my sister did find success! She used the ovulation predictor kit, which she purchased online (I think from Amazon), for a few months and finally she got pregnant! I am so happy for her. She got to share in my joy and excitement for all of my kids. Now I get to share in hers!

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