Practical Frugal Ideas to Save Money

If you are thinking of saving money for your holiday trip, or you just want to save some extra cash for contingencies, there are various smart ideas that will go a long way in reducing your financial pressure. They will also enhance your self-esteem. You can significantly cut down your costs by taking some small steps and living more prudently. There are many frugal ideas to save money which you can use to help you trim your budget and they include:

Internet Deals

Look for deals online before you spend any money. This includes searching some of the big sites like Amazon to see if you can buy products for cheaper. But a lesser utilized strategy is to look for coupons or special internet deals. For example, an old friend of mine runs his own appliance repair business in Grand Rapids, MI. If you take a look at his website, there is a tab at the top for “Specials.” He offers a discounted service call rate (currently $35) for simply mentioning the internet deal when calling to set up your appointment. He even offers it for $5 cheaper if you Like his Facebook page!

Grocery Store Circulars

Each week, a large number of grocery stores issue out fliers which publicise some sale items as well as great deals for the week. Combining several discounted items allows you to provide full meals for your family at low costs. Therefore, you can smartly plan your menus for the week just around the sale items so as to make some savings on your weekly grocery budget.

Go for Beauty School Services as one of the Frugal Ideas to Save Money

frugal ideas to save moneyIf you go for hair cut or trimming frequently or spend money on other salon treatments, it is more preferable to visit a beauty school in your locality than go to a salon for grooming services. This is because the rates charged for such services by these schools are lower. Besides, only experienced students, who are about to graduate are allowed to service customers. This means that the quality of manicure or haircut done by such students is as good as that of professionals. This is another one of the smart frugal ideas to save money.

Spare Change

You can opt not to use your spare change when you are shopping and instead drop all the coins in a “change” jar. When the jar fills up, you can empty it and exchange them for cash. Better still, you can even go to the extent of saving your change for longer periods, say six months before you cash it in for bigger financial savings. By so doing, you will find yourself saving money without even thinking much about it.

Consignment Stores

Instead of buying brand new clothing at department stores or the mall, pay a visit to consignment stores in your area for deals on little used clothing. Normally, most of these stores only accept clothing that falls within a particular brand focus. Thus, you will still dress in clothes from your favourite designers, thereby making a saving of about 80 per cent on your wardrobe budget.


Reducing soda and coffee in your diet is one of the smart ways to save cash; this will not only result in saving some cash but also help you to lead a healthier life. There is no comparison between the price of a filter for your tap, which guarantees clean drinking water, and that of costly sugary drinks and coffees.

Opt for the Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat can reduce your energy bill significantly because it is designed in such a way that it can regulate your home temperatures in interludes. As such, your thermostat will not have to run the entire day since you will simply program it to turn on and off at pre-set times. This will allow you to cut down on your cooling and heating expenses; hence, it is one of the frugal ideas to save money.

Image: “Lauren’s New Color” from Flickr by ohnochriso