Tips and Tricks to Help You Save Money on Groceries

One of the easy ways to reduce your household expenditure is to save money on groceries. Groceries are not like mortgage or the fixed payments on your car because their costs have the tendency of rising. Just by making some simple changes, you will be able to save on your monthly grocery bill. Save Money on Groceries by buying generic products
Whenever a generic store brand option presents itself, go for it. This is because in most cases both products share the same recipe meaning that the additional money charged is merely for the brand name.

Clip coupons

save money on groceriesAnother way to save money on groceries is to peruse through your newspaper circulars and cut out related coupons. For additional coupons, you can even go online to websites like Coupon Cabin and print appropriate grocery coupons.

Ensure that you look on the lower shelves. Most shoppers have the tendency of picking the items which are at their eye level without bothering to look on the lower shelves. Usually, cheaper stock is found on the lower shelves in the grocery store aisles. Don’t go grocery shopping when hungry. Ensure to ingest something to avoid shopping on an empty stomach simply because you will be tempted to purchase extra food.

Prepare a complete list

Ensure that you go only for those items which you will use in particular recipes that you intend to make.

Go shopping alone

It is not advisable to let your spouse or children accompany you to the grocery store. This is because they will pressure you into buying additional items which they want even though they were not on your initial list, thus making you spend more money.

A part from the above tips, there are ways you can minimize your trips to the grocery store and save money on groceries by keeping your food at its best.

• In order to prevent vegetables from rotting quickly, ensure that you line the crisper drawer of your refrigerator with paper towels. They help in the absorption of excess moisture.
• For your herbs to retain their fresh taste for as long as one month, wash and store them in full bunches in the freezer in sealed bags. It will be easy for you to cut them and they will thaw the moment you place them on a hot pan.
• Buy large quantities of butter when it is on sale since it can be stored in the freezer for about six months. Ensure that you pack it in a sealed container for it not to pick up the flavour of other items in the freezer.
• For carrots, celery or radishes to regain their lost crunch just pop them in a bowl of iced water together with a piece of raw potato. You will see them freshen up within no time.
• Spread margarine or butter on the cut sides of cheese in order to seal in moisture. This way, it will not dry. This works best with hard cheese sealed up in wax.
• Do not separate bananas until the time you want to eat them. They don’t spoil sooner when in a bunch.

The above tips and tricks will definitely be helpful to you if you have to save money on groceries. Try them and you will discover that they actually work!