Various Outlet Malls in Jacksonville Fl

In the United States, it is common to find local shopping centers in every major city and they are mostly clustered together in a city’s commercial hub. There are several local shopping centers as well as outlet malls in Jacksonville Fl which come in diverse formats. In the recent past, strip malls have sprung up forming rows of stores lining up on the streets of business centres. If you are looking for shoes and clothes, the centers provide a wide range of products from which you can select what suits your preference. In most cases, the clothing stores are located in local business centers and in all kinds of malls.

The anchor stores found in these malls are large departmental stores that stock different types of products found in most retail stores. Most importantly, it is easy to gain access to these stores directly from the parking lot, while on the other hand, if you opt for the smaller stores located in any local business center and malls, you can simply get there through the mall.

The Avenues Mall:

outlet malls in jacksonville flThe Avenues Mall is one of the biggest shopping mall in Jacksonville. It is situated adjacent to the popular Baymeadows and Mandarin neighbourhoods on the southern side of Jacksonville. Here there are an assortment of classy and designer stores including Talbots, Pottery Bam, Williams-Sonoma, Brookstone, Abercrombie & Flitch and some others. Although there is a newer mall, St. John’s Town Centre, which has proved to be more popular, the Avenues Mall is still holding onto its status as an attractive mall. It has two stories of stores enclosed beneath a glassy skylights canopy which include two huge glass domes. The mall is a bright, elegant and airy place where you can enjoy an afternoon. Its occupants comprise of an assortment of fashionable and designer stores including Talbots, Abercrombie & Fitch, Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn, Brookstone, Banana Republic and some others.

St. John’s Town Centre – one of the Outlet Malls in Jacksonville Fl

outlet malls in jacksonville floridaIf you are looking for an outlet mall in Jacksonville that offers the best services to all, then St. John’s Center offers just that. Due to its strategic location and style (Main Street style), it is where you will find most people wishing to have a taste of their favorite meal.

After or before doing your shopping, this is the right destination for you. Many a times, you will find most tourists who are either on official duties or holidaying in Orlando or Atlanta frequenting this wonderful mall in Jacksonville, Florida. You may not be interested in the mall itself but the sidewalks, green as they appear, are enough to give you a wonderful experience.

Regency Square Mall

outlet malls floridaLocated in Arlington town, this is yet one of the oldest outlet malls in Jacksonville Fl. Between 1970 and early 1980; Regency Square Mall was seen as the best in the whole region, accommodating more than 100 stores. Towards the end of 1980, although there emerged a more modernised mall, the two-storied Avenues Mall, Regency still clinked to its position by going through a number of expansions and improvements.

Between 1990 and 2000 the SR 9A Beltway project reached the precincts of the Avenues sooner than it had been expected from Arlington. Later, St. John’s Centre came in at the right time to completely change the mode of shopping in Jacksonville. As if that was not enough, the opening of the River City Market seemed to have send Regency Square Mall reeling. Perhaps, if I may recommend, outlet malls in Jacksonville Fl are a must-visit destinations for many regardless of class and status.

Image: “St. John’s Town Centre” from Flickr by Brian Leon; “Mandarin” from Flickr by Romana Klee; “Regency Square Mall Jacksonville FLORIDA” from Flickr by 1950sUnlimited