What to See In Jacksonville, Florida When On Your Holiday

Jacksonville, which is located only 25 miles from the Georgia border, is the capital city of Florida. The St. John’s River winds its course through Jacksonville ending up in the Atlantic Ocean and it is this feature that makes it an ideal fishing and shipping channel besides the leisure it offers. When it comes to what to see in Jacksonville Florida, there is quite a lot to expect. Jacksonville also happens to be Florida’s main transportation, banking and financial center making it the best place to reside or visit.

Downtown Jacksonville

what to see in jacksonville floridaDowntown Jacksonville is so breath-taking with grand buildings designs that you never want to take your eyes off. Jacksonville’s architectural designs have been largely influenced by the Florida and Georgia styles. The brick buildings here are more than those in cities found further south, with many windows in them. There is a bridge that goes though connects the central part of the city with other parts. This bridge, which is made of blue steel, is such a magnificent sight to see, particularly during the night when the lights are turned on, lighting up the entire downtown Jacksonville. Among the must-visit places you will never want to miss is the Jacksonville Landing. This is the leading shopping, dining and entertainment hub located in the very heart of downtown, along the St. John’s River.

What to see in Jacksonville Florida

The Jacksonville Beach

jacksonville beachJacksonville Beach is such a wonderful place where you will need to spend a number of days to allow you to see all that it has to offer. It has numerous hotels which are comparable to those found in Daytona Beach, the Pier being one of the major draws. Lying between the Atlantic Ocean and the Intra-Coastal Waterway, Jacksonville Beach is such a beautiful expanse of land comprising of wide beaches and including resorts, oceanfront hotels, great eateries, shopping and businesses. In addition, it boasts of numerous golf courses, carnivals and concerts for the enjoyment of the entire family. There is a large dock with a superb boardwalk with plenty of shops, eateries and drinking spots. This is another place which must be on your list of what to see in Jacksonville Florida.

Beach at Hanna Park

Hanna Park is located 17 miles on the eastern part of Jacksonville. It is more than 450 acres consisting of natural dunes, freshwater lakes, wooden camping sites and sandy beaches. Its water playground has fountains for the children as well as for canoeing, fishing, kayaking and top-notch surfing. Most of Hanna Park’s land lies in its beautiful natural, wooded state. This definitely sounds like another favorite spot among the ‘what to see in Jacksonville Florida’ line-up.

Jacksonville Marine Taxi

Looking below the Blue Bridge, you will have the opportunity to see how people move about; the water taxis that ferry them back and forth across the St. John’s River. These water taxis ply from Jacksonville Landing, in Downtown to Jacksonville’s Stadium during sporting days, making a number of stops in between. A visitor will truly not wish to miss this place. It is indeed a-what to see in Jacksonville Florida site while on your excursion in the city.